About Alex

We Are Living In Challenging Times

You may feel overwhelmed with your feelings of fear, loneliness, depression, anxiety and more.

Maybe the trauma of your past continues to resurface, making it hard to move forward in your relationships, your work, or toward your goals.

People are not built to solve everything by themselves. Working with an experienced, compassionate, and resourceful therapist can help lighten your load and expand new horizons that make you feel more alive. Healing is possible.


Everyone Has the Ability to Heal & to Thrive

My practice reflects the thinking that, “When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.“- Dr Wayne Dyer.

Together, we can help you find inner strength, resilience, and new perspectives – even when living in dire circumstances.

My direct and compassionate style helps clients feel comfortable and understood.


I Am A Therapist But I Am Also A Person

I understand heartache, pain and disappointment. I also understand overcoming, learning to love yourself, and growth!

It takes honesty to admit there is a problem and courage to address it. It also takes discipline and strength to do the work to resolve the problem.

As a therapist, I appreciate the uniqueness of each client, and my goal is to create a safe space where clients feel heard and understood.

You can expect our work to be collaborative and compassionate while exploring new strategies and techniques to help you reach your goals and live a happier, healthier and more fulfilling life.

About Me

When I am not working, I enjoy spending time with my family. I am a husband and father of incredible children, and I enjoy gardening, reading, and walking in nature.

While I see many types of clients, below are a few areas I specialize in:

  • Trauma & Military
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Children
  • Teens
  • Life Transitions
  • Grief

There Is Hope

Whatever you are going through, I am confident that we can work together, to get things back on track. Don’t spend another day feeling stuck and overwhelmed.

Alex Cervantes

Associate Marriage and Family Therapist, AMFT, #118041

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