Depression looks different for everyone.

For some, depression appears as sadness with lots of tears.

For others, depression brings numbness and a lack of emotion.

Some people describe it feeling like a huge weight that drags them down. They feel slow, with even small things requiring a lot of effort. They are tired all the time.

And it’s insidious.

The very things that depression tells you to do –

Stay home, be alone, don’t reach out, don’t move, nobody can help, it’s not worth the effort…

– are the very things that keep depression alive and in control.

Therapy can help you change this.

In therapy, we teach you concrete skills to help you change your mood.

We help you understand which thoughts are reinforcing the depression – and how to change them.

You’ll gain insight into the relationships and dynamics that led you into this deep, dark place – and how to stop it from happening again.

You can have your life back

Through therapy, you will start to feel like yourself again – lighter, happier and more connected to the people in your life.

At Three Rivers Counseling, our therapists have decades of experience recognizing and treating depression.

They understand its insidious nature, its resistance, and its devastating effects – and they know what to do.

One call is all it takes to start the process.

You will have energy again and feel more hopeful about your future.

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