About Becca

Hello and Welcome! 

My name is Becca and I’m glad you’re here.

Life Is Hard. 

In one moment, life as you know it can be completely changed.

Are the things that once made you happy no longer making you happy?

Have you been through a frightening experience that left you feeling scared, lonely, or even doubting who you are? Maybe you’ve been through a series of little things that you believe shouldn’t be bothering you, but they are. Do you feel completely misunderstood and alone?

I get it. You are not alone.

You Have Come to the Right Place

Everyone needs space to process life’s challenges and successes. No one is supposed to be able to figure it all out on their own.

In our work together, I will help you build new coping skills and give you the support you need. We will discover what holds you back and ultimately what empowers you.

In every session, you will learn tools to help you heal. We will work together to help you feel more calm, confident and happy through research proven techniques like CBT, DBT and Solutions Focused therapy.

Together, We Will Start Creating the Life You’ve Always Wanted

You want to relax with your friends, family, and your pets. You want to be able to turn your brain off and enjoy a good book. You want to love yourself, like you love others. You are ready to feel the confidence and ease that everyone else seems to see. Through therapy, this is achievable.

More About Me 

I’m a California transplant from Maine escaping the long, harsh winters in exchange for lots of sun. I received my bachelors in psychology before going back to school to get my masters in social work while working in a special needs school because I loved the work I did, but wanted a more active role in helping people feel empowered to manage their own mental health.

I come from a community mental health background and have a lot of experience working with young people and their families to manage crises in challenging times and environments. I am passionate about the work I do and believe everyone deserves access to therapy and support to help them through difficult times in their lives.

When I’m not working, I love to be outside hiking, swimming, camping, or just enjoying the weather. I love traveling when I get the opportunity and love trying new food.

You will usually find me reading a book with my cat in my lap.


The following is a list areas I specialize in:

  • Children & Teens
  • Sand-tray & Play Therapy
  • Individuals on the Autism spectrum
  • Trauma
  • Anxiety and Depression 

We Can Help

I’m sure you’ve already done so much work to get here and you know the struggle of facing things alone. Let’s find relief from the overwhelm and find solutions together. Call today for your free 10-minute consultation to ensure I’m the right fit to help.  530-431-2110

Becca Crandall

Registered Associate Clinical Social Worker, ACSW, #102661 

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