Dealing with an Anxious, Sad, Defiant, or Impulsive Kid

Are they are regularly having meltdowns? Do you ask yourself, “What am I doing wrong?” or “Is this normal?”

Maybe they’ve been through something hard, such as divorce, bullying, or loss of a loved one.

Perhaps they were born with a more difficult personality or temperament.

It is exhausting when your child is going through something and you don’t know how to help.

You Have Tried Everything

Giving rewards and consequences…

Reading parenting books and implementing charts and relaxation exercises…

Offering choices…

Promising yourself to be more calm and less reactive to their behaviors…

Are you finding yourself frustrated, overwhelmed, and then guilty for overreacting?

Not Knowing How to Help

It hurts to see your kid in pain and stuck in these negative cycles with their emotions and behaviors.

You want to see them happy, confident, making friends, and being successful.

Want to help your child, but you just don’t know how?

We Can Help Your Child

At Three Rivers Counseling, we provide a fun and safe place for kids to explore their feelings and learn how to manage them.

Kids usually can’t tell us what’s bothering them, so it comes out in their behaviors. We can work to figure out what’s bothering them through a therapy approach called “play therapy.”

We have a dedicated play room where we use art, sand tray, games, and toys to learn about your child and help them.

Through play, a child is able to open up and work through tough problems and feelings. They are able to feel supported in their struggle while learning new coping strategies.

The result is a child who is more confident, secure, calm, and happy.

We Help Parents, Too

We will work right beside you to help you gain new insights into your child’s behavior.

We will show you ways to help your child manage their overwhelming feelings and behaviors, so you both can get through tough days more successfully.

You will feel supported as a parent and more confident in your parenting.

Let’s Get Things Back On Track

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