Online Therapy

Life has become stressful and overwhelming…

You know you need help but can’t imagine how you would find time for therapy.

There Is No Time

This was the case for Sam. He worked long hours and often didn’t get home until 8 or 9 each night.

He was struggling with anxiety and, although he was a top performer, he felt empty and unsatisfied. He was drinking nightly in order to cope.

He knew he needed help, but didn’t know where he could fit it in.

A friend told him about a therapist he knew who scheduled online therapy sessions. Sam decided to reach out and give it a try.

He called Three Rivers Counseling and discovered how easy it was to get it set up.

He began meeting weekly with his therapist through an online, confidential, video platform.

The Best Decision He Could Have Made

Sam was able to get all the benefits of therapy without leaving his office.

He learned tools to manage anxiety and the overwhelmed feeling—while gaining insight into key events in his life that were still causing him distress.

He looked at and began challenging his core beliefs about work.

By the end of therapy, he had reconnected with old friends; was having a lot more fun; and felt happier, calmer, and more satisfied with his life.

He was no longer drinking to manage the stress in his life.

For Whom Is Online Therapy a Good Fit?

Online therapy is for moms who have new babies and can’t leave the house very easily.

It’s for people who are homebound because of health or transportation issues—or for caregivers who can’t leave their loved one alone.

It also works well for busy professionals like Sam who work long days or travel frequently.

It is for anyone who can’t regularly make it to the office and is ready to make big changes in their life.

How Does It Work?

Online therapy makes counseling accessible for everyone.

All you need is a smart phone or computer and an Internet signal.

We will connect using a confidential video platform.

Want to see if online therapy is right for you?

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