Where is your office located?

We currently have four locations: 1 in Grass Valley, 1 in Chico, and then 2 in Yuba City, CA.

Our first Yuba City office is located at 1103 Butte House Road, Suite E  This office is in North Yuba City,near Target on the Corner of Butte House and Gray Ave.

Our Second Yuba City Office is located at 642 Bridge Street. 

This office is on the corner of Bridge & Lindon street.

Our Grass Valley office is located at 406 East Main Street, Suite I in Grass ValleyThis office is right off of HWY 20, and our suite is on the second floor.

Our Chico City office is located at 2062 Talbert Dr Suite #500. We are near Walmart.


What are your hours?
We see clients Monday through Friday from 8:00a.m. to 8:00p.m.

Some locations offer weekend appointments.

How long are sessions?
Sessions are 50 minutes long.
What age ranges do you work with?
We see clients of all ages.
Do you have therapists for children?
Yes, we have several therapists who see children.

We have a play therapy room set up for our kid clients. We utilize art, games, sand tray, and many other forms of “play” to help children work through the things with which they are struggling.

What types of problems do you work with?
We see clients who are struggling with many types of issues.

Here is a short list: relationship issues, depression, anxiety, anger management, kids and teens, young adults, addiction, parenting, postpartum depression, adoption and infertility, grief and loss, sexual issues, divorce, life transitions, LGBTQ issues, abuse/trauma, brain injury, and more.

What happens in a typical session?
You will get to talk about all of the thoughts, feelings, and situations that are keeping you stuck or causing you pain.

This is a freeing experience—one where you will be met with unconditional support and acceptance. It may be the first time in your life you don’t feel judged or looked down on.

Your therapist will listen and provide insight into your situation and where they see the unhealthy patterns forming in your life and relationships.

Together, you will set goals for how you’d like your life to be better.

They will also give you tools to help you cope with overwhelming thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Together, you will work with your therapist to identify goals and meet them.

What if I need to cancel my appointment?
If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please do so at least 48 hours in advance of your scheduled session time to avoid being charged. You may cancel your appointment by phone, text, or email. If you cancel with less than 48 hours’ notice, you will be charged the full session rate.
Will I get reminders of my appointment?
Yes, you will receive a reminder by text and a reminder by email approximately 48 hours before your scheduled appointment.
Do you work with insurance?
We do not do direct insurance billing.

However, all clients are provided with receipts (also called a “superbill statement”) to file with their insurance companies for possible reimbursement.

We are considered an out-of-network provider. Clients are encouraged to speak with their insurance company individually about reimbursement options.

Here are some things to consider if you want to use your insurance for reimbursement:

Insurance companies can be very limiting, in that they tell you whom you can see and how long you can see them.

Also, they often pay therapists less than half of the going rate.

Insurance companies also require a mental health diagnosis, which becomes part of your medical record.

Many clients prefer to retain control of their personal information as well as having control over whom they see and for how long they see them.

What are your fees?

Our fees range from $155 to $175 per session, depending on which therapist you see and whether you are coming in for individual, couples, or family therapy.

What types of therapy do your therapists do?
Your therapist will use many treatment options, depending on what your problem/issue is, and which approach would best help you reach your goals.

Our therapists utilize evidence-based treatments such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Mindfulness Based Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Dialectical Behavior Therapy, and Acceptance Commitment Therapy.

Others that are used include Solutions Focused, Strengths Based, and Transpersonal and Jungian Therapy.

Can I choose which therapist I see?
Yes, if there is a therapist you believe would be a good fit, we can schedule you with them, if they have an opening.

If you are unsure whom you want to see, we will talk about your needs in our first phone call. Based on what you are looking for, I will match you with the therapist I believe would be the best fit for you and your situation.

Can I switch therapists, if I don’t feel a connection with the one with whom I’m initially matched?
Yes, we understand that this happens occasionally and we want to work with you to find the person with whom you feel most comfortable working. If this happens, just call the office number and the Director (Tami Louis) will call you back and match you with a new therapist.
Do I have to lie on the couch?
No, but you can if you want to! Believe it or not, it’s the teenagers we see who want to lie on the couch the most. I tell them they can, as long as they don’t fall asleep. 🙂 We also have couches that recline or floor cushions you can sit on. Whatever sitting (or lying) position will help you feel relaxed and comfortable, is what’s important.
I don’t want to cry. Will you make me?
We don’t force anyone cry. However, it is common for tears to come up, when talking about difficult things.

Tears are a release of cortisol, which is our stress hormone. If you happen to cry, you can think of crying as a release of this stress that you are carrying around.

If I cry, what brand of tissue do you use?
Only the best – Kleenex extra soft. 🙂
How do I set up an initial appointment?
You can call our office at (530) 788-5274, send an email to [email protected], or fill out the contact form at the bottom of this page.