Individual Therapy

Feeling bad? Or not yourself?

Whatever you do feels as though it’s not good enough.

All you hear inside are negative messages.

You wonder why you are trying so hard, but nothing seems to change.

Doubting that you can continue living this way?

You feel stuck, repeating the same patterns over and over.

You know what you’re doing isn’t working, but you don’t know how to change it.

You’ve tried talking with friends and family, but that just leaves you feeling alone and misunderstood.

You wonder if it will ever get better.

Individual Therapy Can Help

The people we work with often find that their old coping skills are no longer working.

No amount of drinking, exercise, work, money, Netflix, or sex can take away the feelings they are experiencing.

We help people learn new skills and thought patterns, and gain insights—to help them take more control over their life and their future.

People who work with us feel supported and understood—sometimes for the first time in their lives.

Life Does Get Better

Let’s meet two people whose life improved through therapy.

Sam didn’t think he had anger issues.

Sam came to counseling because he had an outburst at work, and his boss told him he would be fired if it happened again.

Initially Sam believed his outburst was justified. Through our work together, he began seeing a pattern in his behavior.

He realized that his anger was affecting many areas of his life, including his marriage, his relationship with his kids, and his friendships.

In fact, he no longer had many friends, and his wife was close to leaving him.

In therapy, Sam learned where his anger came from. He learned how to look for triggers and how to manage the overwhelming feelings without having angry outbursts.

Sam was also able to understand what it was like for others when he became angry. Because of this, he began taking responsibility and the needed steps to repair his relationships.

At the end of his time in therapy, Sam was grateful because he felt calmer and in control of his life. He was more connected to his wife and kids and had started rebuilding his friendships.

He had the life he had always wanted.

Haley looked as though she had the ideal life.

She had just graduated from college and had a job she loved. She had a lot of friends and a great relationship. This is the life she had always wanted.

Yet, she felt “off.”

She regularly had bad dreams that would keep her awake for hours. Her mind would spin. Sometimes she would space out at work for long periods of time. Her boyfriend noticed that she wasn’t really “there” when they were intimate.

Haley came to therapy to figure out why she was feeling so off, even though she had a great life.

In therapy, Haley discovered that a traumatic experience she had as a teen was the cause of her distress. She thought she was “over it”because so much time had passed.

Previously when this memory would surface, she was able to push it away and distract herself with school. She couldn’t do that anymore.

Haley resolved to work on it in therapy, so that it wouldn’t affect her for the rest of her life.

For the first time, Haley acknowledged the truth of what had happened to her. She stopped blaming herself. Through various trauma based interventions, she learned to recognize triggers and regulate her emotions—all while staying present.

In time, Haley began sleeping better, performing better at work, enjoying her relationship on a deeper level.

We Can Help

Therapy can help people like Sam and Haley who have thoughts, emotions, and behaviors over which they no longer have control and are no longer serving them.

Whether it is problems with an addiction, communication, depression, anxiety, life transitions, grief, parenting issues, behavior problems, adoption/infertility, self-esteem, or sexuality…

A Safe Place

Therapy offers a safe place to be yourself. No topic is off-limits.

It doesn’t matter what you’re struggling with, you will not be judged or expected to have it all together.

You will be offered compassion as well as guidance on how to get the life you’ve been wanting.

Let’s Get Started.

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